Casar “Seriously Considering” Summarily Executing Texas Senate

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AUSTIN — Following Senator Kirk Watson’s surprise announcement that he would resign from the Texas Senate, Austin City Councilmember Greg Casar said he was “seriously considering” drastic action.

“For far too long, comrades, the Texas Senate has been an obstacle to the Revolution,” Casar continued. “It’s time to hold them accountable for their crimes. I am seriously considering leading that charge.”

“The time has come to bring the same glories to the Texas Senate that we have seen in Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela.”

The Texas Association of Business announced their endorsement of Casar shortly thereafter.

One Reply to “Casar “Seriously Considering” Summarily Executing Texas Senate”

  1. What makes you think you have what it takes to run Texas….oh wait..into the ground maybe, like you are doing Austin and yet you want to move on to a bigger challenge ? Your reputation is less than lacking….its embarrassing…especially for someone running for a state office , who got arrested on State property, let a rally that turned into a riot and caused damage to a State Trooper unit and in the same week that same group set an APD patrol unit on fire !! You my dear need to go crawl back under the rock from which you crawled out from.
    You are a disgrace you Evil little Man

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