Murphy excited to lead house Republicans in new era of graft and corruption

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AUSTIN — During their caucus meeting Saturday, Texas house Republicans selected Jim Murphy to be their new caucus chair.

Murphy, a state representative from the Houston area, is best known for a 2018 corruption scandal when a local TV station discovered he was collecting $56,000 per month running an obscure local government entity while chairing their legislative oversight committee.

“This an exciting new era,” Murphy said. “I’m honored to have been selected by colleagues to do what I do best. This will be the Republican caucus’ most profitable session ever.”

The Texas Association of Business praised Murphy as “our kind of Republican.”

One Reply to “Murphy excited to lead house Republicans in new era of graft and corruption”

  1. How in the world is it that a state official does such wildly illegal act then basically given a free pass & a common citizen would be in prison for same action?!? I know some will say “double standards” or “it’s who you know” but geezzz!
    No wonder we are in the ‘sh!t show’ we find ourselves in. Where did God & honor go?🥺

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