Winning Legislative Candidates Uncross Fingers

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AUSTIN — Following hard fought and contentious primary elections, a bipartisan group of incoming freshmen legislators from safe districts held their first meeting.

“It was really productive,” said Republican candidate Honkey Q. Cracker. “It was refreshing to hear from lobbyists and political insiders, rather than my friends and neighbors on the campaign trail. While I ran on abolishing abortion, banning taxpayer funded lobbying, and capping government spending, what I’m looking forward to most is shoveling ever increasing sums of taxpayer dollars to unionized government employees.”

Democrat candidate Latina X. Personofcolor concurred: “While I ran on protecting the rights of women and indiginous peoples, I can’t wait to dramatically expand corporate subsides.

The Texas Association of Business praised Cracker and Personofcolor for their “ability to set campaign rhetoric aside and realize it’s time to govern.”

Casar “Seriously Considering” Summarily Executing Texas Senate

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AUSTIN — Following Senator Kirk Watson’s surprise announcement that he would resign from the Texas Senate, Austin City Councilmember Greg Casar said he was “seriously considering” drastic action.

“For far too long, comrades, the Texas Senate has been an obstacle to the Revolution,” Casar continued. “It’s time to hold them accountable for their crimes. I am seriously considering leading that charge.”

“The time has come to bring the same glories to the Texas Senate that we have seen in Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela.”

The Texas Association of Business announced their endorsement of Casar shortly thereafter.

Abbott Polling How to Create Impression of Caring about Homelessness without Doing Anything

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AUSTIN — Following high-profile feuds with local officials over the city’s ongoing homelessness crisis, Governor Greg Abbott is conducting a poll.

“This data will allow me to resassure Texans that I have their best interests at heart,” said Abbott.

“Obviously, I could call a special session to override Austin’s ordinance,” Abbott continued. “Or I could simply follow through on my earlier promises to clear the areas where the state has jurisdiction. But might make people mad.”

Fox News praised Governor Abbott.

Murphy, Teacher Retirement System, to trade Best Practices for Ripping Off Taxpayers

DOWNTOWN AUSTIN — Following revelations the Teacher Retirement System of Texas signed a lease for luxury office space at $326,000 per month, Chairman Jim Murphy vowed swift action.

“This is unprecedented,” Murphy said, “we have to learn more.”

Murphy, who in 2018 was discovered to have a secret second job earning $56,000 per month at taxpayer expense, continued: “How can I get in on that?!?”

Representatives Jeff Leach, Matt Krause, and Drew Springer praised Murphy for his courage.

O’Rourke Convinces Democrats to Light Gigantic Pile of Money on Fire

FT. BEND COUNTY — Heading into the crucial 2020 election, failed United States Senate and Presidential candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke hosted a gigantic financial bonfire Tuesday night.

Standing next to Eliz Markowitz, an unsuccessful candidate for state representative, O’Rourke said: “Tonight’s financial bonfire is an unprecedented opportunity for Texas.”

“Over the next nine months, we intend to do the exact same thing over and over again expecting different results.”

When it was pointed out that his party lost ground in Tuesday’s special election, compared to the 2018 cycle, O’Rourke called the questioner a racist.

Party Chairman Candidate Vows to Focus on Personal Enrichment

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NORTH CAROLINA — Speaking to an out of state group, Republican Party of Texas chairman candidate Allan West called his candidacy “an unprecedented opportunity.”

“Between book deals, cable news appearances, and speaking fees,” said West, “we can make 2020 my greatest year yet.”

“This is an unprecedented opportunity to distract voters from the failures of our party in the legislature through sensationalist commentary on national issues.”

Texas Alliance for Life Executive Director Joe Pojman said he was “pleased to have a man after my own heart running for Party chairman.”

Cornyn waiting to see Abbott’s polling before taking position on refugees

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WASHINGTON — Talking with reporters the day after Governor Abbott removed Texas from the federal refugee resettlement program, Senator John Cornyn said he was withholding judgement until he could meet with the Governor.

“As you’re aware, Governor Abbott polls everything,” Cornyn said, “and in an election year it would be foolish for me to comment before I saw it.”

“For now, I’ll defer to the Governor’s political consultants.”

The Republican party of Texas praised Cornyn for his courage.

Republican Candidate attempts Bold Strategy of Not Being Complete Troglodyte

Screenshot: Genevieve Collins campaign video “100% Texan.”

DALLAS — Running for the Republican nomination in the 32nd congressional district, candidate Genevieve Collins recently released a campaign video highlighting biographical accomplishments. In the video, Collins discussed her business background and how it influences her views on the economy. According to sources, the whole thing was “surprisingly normal.”

“Imagine that,” the source continued, “a Republican candidate eschewing monosyllabic buzzwords.”

“What’s next, a serious discussion of issues?!?”

Officials at Fox News cautioned against expecting the latter outcome.

Texas A&M declares themselves “Best 8-5 team in the country”

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College Station – Following their first victory over a team with a winning record this season, Texas A&M football celebrated a “massively successful” season.

“This was huge, ” said head coach Jimbo Fischer. “I mean, we SMOKED Texas State. Lamar?!? UTSA?!? Come on!!!”

“That’s massively successful,” Fischer continued. “Sure, we lost to almost every team we played with a winning record, but you can’t win ’em all. We’re easily the best 8-5 team in the country.”

Reports that Texas A&M planned to offer Fischer a raise and an extension could not be confirmed as of press time.

Council on Foreign Relations expels George P. Bush for Incompetence

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GEORGE SOROS’ SECRET LAIR— Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush has been expelled from the Council on Foreign Relations.

Following revelations that the Texas General Land office funneled an oil lease into a company in which Bush had unvested stock options, the Council on Foreign Relations held an emergency meeting to expel Bush from the group.

“Several years ago, the CFR anointed George P. Bush to rewrite the history of the Alamo,” the group said in a statement. “Since then, Bush’s incompetence has laid bare our intentions. Yesterday’s Texas Tribune report was the scandal that broke the bimbo’s back.”

“We’re globalists, not retards.”