Jerry Jones sleeps on bed of taxpayer dollars following loss

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Arlington — After the Dallas Cowboys shocking 28-24 loss to the Minnesota Vikings last night, team owner Jerry Jones (net worth: $8.5 Billion) slept on a bed constructed exclusively out of Texans’ tax dollars.

The bed, primarily consisting revenues generated from a stadium constructed at the expense of local Arlington taxpayers, also contains generous contributions from the state of Texas’ “Major Events Trust Fund.”

Additionally, Frisco taxpayers are reported to have ponied up through shouldering construction costs for the Cowboys practice facility.

“Who needs to win football games when taxpayers pay us regardless?!?” asked Jones.

The Cowboys last won a Super Bowl in 1996.

Abbott, Adler, pledge to mutually exploit homelessness for political purposes

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Austin — As the Texas’ capitol city’s homelessness crisis enters its fifth month, Governor Greg Abbott and Mayor Steve Adler have reached an agreement.

“An ongoing homelessness crisis is exactly what I need to convince voters to approve a big tax increase,” explained Adler, “furthermore, it’s a great excuse to appoint my friends and cronies to six-figure jobs inside city government.”

“Meanwhile, I pledge to do the absolute bare minimum to keep Fox News talking about this topic,” said Abbott, while also noting fundraising opportunities.

Austinites were sobbing quietly.

Tribune Marks End of O’Rourke Campaign with Candlelight Vigil

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Congress Ave — Following Beto O’Rourke’s departure from the 2020 presidential race, several Texas Tribune reporters and staffers were seen holding candles Friday night.

“I felt like this was something we had to do,” said Editor-in-chief Emily Ramshaw. “Beto just meant so much to us. It’s hard to believe it’s over.”

“Numb. Just numb. That’s how I feel” offered national correspondent Abby Livingston.

According to Executive Editor Ross Ramsey, “the biggest challenge is going to be filling the news-hole now that the subject of 60% of our coverage has departed.”

“We’ve certainly lost our meal ticket,” explained founder and CEO Evan Smith.

“We’re certainly going to have to tweak our business model,” Smith continued, “hopefully the Austin lobbyist crowd is interested.”

For now, the Tribune plans to distribute coloring books and puppies in the newsroom.

In secret recording, Bonnen calls Babylon Bee “chump ass suckers”

Texas Legislative Reference Library

Following the recent publication of “Texas Luring Jobs Away From California with Promises of Electricity” in the Babylon Bee, the #TXLEGE report has obtained a recording of House speaker Dennis Bonnen discussing the article:

Can you believe what I got the Babylon Bee to publish?!?

Last session, the Texas Senate passed SB 76 to ensure abundant, reliable, power. The Texas house killed the bill in the Calendars Committee. It’s a matter of public record, but they didn’t check.

I literally killed a bill at the behest of power company CEO’s, and I’m now getting praised as a custodian of reliable power supplies.

What a bunch of chump-ass suckers.

Leach: Bonnen Retirement Announcement “Not so bad in geologic time”

Plano — Following accusations he turned a blind eye to scandals surrounding soon-to-be former Speaker Dennis Bonnen, State Rep. Jeff Leach (R) tells the #TXLEGE Report “you guys don’t understand.”

“I’m a chairman now,” explained Leach, who was in charge of the Texas House committee on civil jurisprudence this past session.

“That carries certain responsibilities.”

“If I’m not loyal to leadership, they’ll be mean to me. I might lose my chairmanship. Then how will I fund my campaign?!?”

“Besides,” Leach continued, “who’s to say we have a proper understanding of time?!? Did you know that animals perceive time differently than humans?!? They have a completely different frame rate.”

“It’s all about perspective. Secular scientists say the earth is over 4 billion years old. Why worry about three months?!? It’s not so bad in geologic time.”

Leach simultaneously announced an upcoming Austin fundraiser.

Bonnen Reveals “Psychological Operations”

Texas House of Representatives, official website

Following Tuesday’s release of the audio recording of his June meeting with Michael Quinn Sullivan, Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen has sent the #TXLEGE report the following statement:

Since my election as Texas House speaker, I have become increasingly concerned about integrity levels in the Republican caucus.

On June 12th of this year, I met with Empower Texans CEO Michael Quinn Sullivan. During this meeting, I gave the appearance of a quid pro quo. I would grant Sullivan’s organization press credentials in exchange for political expenditures against my rivals.

At all times, I knew Sullivan would record the meeting and that he would eventually make the recording public.

My plan, all along, was to make Sullivan an obviously and transparently unethical proposal…then see who would defend it.

This was a psychological operations campaign designed to reveal which members of the Republican caucus would defend the indefensible.

No, really, I swear.

Burrows to Launch Line of Brown Pants

Texas House of Representatives website/

Following this morning’s announcement that Empower Texans would release their audio of the Michael Quinn Sullivan/Dennis Bonnen meeting, the #txlege report obtained the following statement from former Republican caucus chair Dustin Burrows:

This morning’s announcement from Michael Quinn Sullivan was certainly unexpected.

At this point, I suppose it’s inevitable that my colleagues in the Republican caucus will learn the details of my activities this past June.

In political crisis, however, comes entrepreneurial opportunity.

I am immediately launching “bunkum,” a new line of clothing for Texas legislators.

We will debut our first item, brown pants, at next week’s meeting of the house Republican caucus; we expect sales to be brisk.

If all goes as planned, we will shortly thereafter roll out a line of fudge.

Gonzalez, Springer, promise THIS TIME the lege has “totally solved water”

Screenshot: Yes on Prop 2 Campaign video

Democrat Mary Gonzalez and Republican Drew Springer recently teamed up to promote this fall’s Prop. 2, an amendment to the Texas constitution that will authorize $200 million in bonds allegedly to promote water development.

“Obviously, I’m a Democrat,” Gonzalez began.

“I’m a Republican,” Springer continued, “but being from different political parties shouldn’t stop us from enriching our friends and cronies at the expense of your personal finances.”

“That’s bipartisanship,” quipped Gonzales.

The $200 million in this year’s Prop. 2 follows Prop. 6 from 2013, which authorized $1 BILLION, also allegedly for “water infrastructure development.”

“We know that we told you the Billion dollars from 2013 was a ‘long term funding mechanism,” said Springer.

“For some reason, it just wasn’t enough.  But this time, we’ve totally solved water.  If you give us this $200 million, we’ll never hit you up for more money ever again.

“Pinky swear?!?” asked Gonzalez, gazing into Springer’s eyes.

“Pinky swear,” said Springer.

Both Gonzalez and Springer kept their fingers crossed behind their backs during this dramatic gesture.