Cain excited to continue technique used to kill his own bill

Sceenshot — Texas house video feed.

AUSTIN — During consideration of the Texas house’s session rules, three term incumbent Briscoe Cain (R – Deer Park) spoke in opposition to a measure that would prevent Democrats from chairing the Republican majority’s committees.

“Mr. Speakermembers,” Cain began, “I know all about this technique.”

“Last session, I filed HB 1500. If passed, the bill would have prohibited abortion past the point where a fetal heartbeat could be detected. This was a top priority of my party and had widespread support.”

“HB 1500 was sent to the public health committee, chaired by my good friend Senfronia Thompson, Democrat of Houston. And she murdered that bill like Kermit Gosnell with a pair of forceps. Nobody was surprised.”

“You might think,” Cain continued “that this would bother me. Quite the opposite. I like it this way. It allows me to say I support the heartbeat bill without suffering the consequences of trying to pass it. It’s called having your cake and eating it too.”

“I love this technique. It’s awesome.”

Shortly thereafter, Cain sent a fundraising e-mail declaring himself a grassroots champion.

Abbott Endorses Sarah Davis’ Honesty on Abortion

Google Images “Labeled for reuse”/Texas House of Representatives website

West University Place — Following a contentious 2018 primary battle, Governor Greg Abbott today endorsed State Representative Sarah Davis for another term in 2020.

“Sarah Davis represents exactly what voters have come to expect from Texas Republicans,” said Abbott.

“Whereas other legislators use deception and sleight of hand to hide their true position on abortion, Sarah Davis is open and upfront about hers.”

“Sarah Davis’ honesty is something other Republican legislators would do well to emulate and I fully endorse her.”